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Dearly beloved members of Courtland Lutheran Church

Dearly beloved members of Courtland Lutheran Church,

As we have been following our Governor’s “Stay at home” order, are you feeling cooped up? I know of a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while still practicing safe “social distancing.” Scott Hulke said that over the past couple of weeks, the wind has blown down a lot of sticks on the ground at our church in Courtland. You (and your family or some friends) can have a fun outing picking up the sticks—just make sure that everyone is at least six feet apart from one another J. If you have a truck, you can take the sticks to the compost site in New Ulm. If you don’t have a truck, no problem! Just put the sticks in a pile by the shed.

I can hardly wait for the time when our church family will gather again at Courtland (and Zion) to worship and praise our crucified and Risen Savior!

In gratitude for Christ and our members,

Scott Hulke, Mikal Schwark, and Pastor Wong

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